All of our kits use the FAM reporter dye. FAM is the most popular dye, with settings for detection widely available on RT-PCR and qPCR instruments and is often more sensitive than some of the other dyes available.

The following devices are known to work with out RT-qPCR kits. Should your device not be in the list, check if it has a setting to detect FAM (518nm).

Agilent: AriaMX

Applied Biosystems: 7000, 7300 (Prism), 7500 (Prism), 7500 HT (Fast), 7700, 7900 (Prism), 7900HT, StepOne, StepOnePlus, Viia 7, QuantStudio 3, QuantStudio 5, QuantStudio 6 Flex, QuantStudio 7, QuantStudio 12K flex.

BioRad: CFX384, CFX96, Chromo4, Connect, iCycler, MiniOpticon, MiniOpticon2, MyIQ2, MyIQ5, QX100, QX200.

Cephid: Smartcycler, Smartcycler2.

Illumina: Eco.

Qiagen: Rotor-gene Q, Rotor-gene 6000

Roche: LC2.0, LC480, LC1536, LC Nano, LC96