Vibrio (all species)


Validated qPCR / RT-PCR kit for Vibrio (all species)

Detection channel: FAM (518nm)

Available in different versions:

-Standard PCR (extraction kit needed)

-Oligo (without PCR mix)

In 100/200/500 reactions, with optional copy number positive control

(Not for use in diagnostic procedures)


Vibrio is a genus of Gram-negative bacteria. Typically found in salt water, several species of which can cause foodborne infection, usually associated with eating undercooked seafood.

Several species of Vibrio are pathogens. Most disease-causing strains are associated with gastroenteritis, but can also infect open wounds and cause sepsis. They can be carried by numerous marine animals, such as crabs or prawns, and have been known to cause fatal infections in humans during exposure.

Many Vibrio species are also zoonotic. They cause disease in fish and shellfish, and are common causes of mortality among domestic marine life.

Additional information

Type and quantity

Standard PCR (100 reactions), Standard PCR (200 reactions), Standard PCR (500 reactions), Oligo (100 reactions)

Copy number positive control

No, Yes