Suid betaherpesvirus 2 (SuHV2)

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Inclusion Body Rhinitis, also known as IBR or Cytomegalic Inclusion Disease, is a pig disease caused by Suid betaherpesvirus 2 (SuHV-2), which is a member of the herpesvirus family. It is a notifiable disease that is found worldwide. It is spread both vertically and horizontally and prevalence is high.

It is not zoonotic but the risk to humans that receive pig organ transplants is currently under investigation.

Clinical signs are normally only seen in either piglets less than 3 weeks old or pregnant sows.

Signs in piglets include rhinitis, pneumonia, anaemia, fever and sudden death. Black discoloration around the eyes is often seen and gastrointestinal and neurological signs are also reported.

Signs in pregnant sows include reproductive failure, genital ulceration and agalactia.