Oxalobacter formigenes


Validated qPCR / RT-PCR kit for Oxalobacter formigenes

Detection channel: FAM (518nm)

Available in different versions:

-Standard PCR (extraction kit needed)

-Oligo (without PCR mix)

In 100/200/500 reactions, with optional copy number positive control

(Not for use in diagnostic procedures)

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Oxalobacter formigenes is a Gram-negative bacterium that colonizes the large intestines of numerous vertebrates, including humans. O. formigenes and humans share a beneficial symbiosis. This organism has also been isolated from the gut of ruminant and other non-ruminant herbivores. The absence of O. formigenes is thought to be a cause of hyperoxaluria and the formation of calcium oxalate stones in the kidney.

Additional information

Type and quantity

Standard PCR (100 reactions), Standard PCR (200 reactions), Standard PCR (500 reactions), Oligo (100 reactions)

Copy number positive control

No, Yes