Our constantly growing qPCR kits stock currently consists of more than 500 pre-tested assays, ensuring ideal PCR performance. 

 If your target of interest is not in this catalogue just let us know. We can develop a new qPCR kit for you in just 4 to 6 weeks.

Every assay is expert designed and involves an in-depth literature review followed by extensive bioinformatics analysis to ensure specificity with optimum detection. Once candidate assays have been designed, every assay is tested in duplicates with a ten-fold dilution series ranging from 50 ng to 5 pg cDNA  and a no-template control (NTC). This means 12 individual data points for every assay or at least 36 reactions per target. If no functional assay could be identified for a target, the target is subjected to another design and testing round. 

Only after these steps, we are happy to guarantee the level of specificity and priming efficiency you are expecting of us.

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